Figure of 8 Dog Lead

We have 3 hounds, including 2 ridgebacks, both easily big enough to pull you from your feet. As such a quality lead is vital. We have tried and tested many over the years, but for us, nothing comes close to the quality and versatility of the figure of 8 style.

In its standard configuration, it is a simple noose lead with stopper, easy to use and comfortable for the dog and owner, as the stopper means it does not choke the dog.

The stopper can quickly be removed to provide a choke lead, should that be your wish.

In its figure of 8 configuration, it is perfect for controlling a pulling hound. I have used halti’s in the past and have found them comparatively ineffective. The fact that the standard lead can be so quickly changed if your dog starts misbehaving is a great bonus. In fact now, if there is a whisper of misbehaviour from our ridgebacks, I can put the figure of 8 over their snout, and they immediately know who is in charge.

A versatile and hard wearing dog lead, for us the only choice. You can check them out here:

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